Found on Dr. Judy’s transcript:  “A Disease able to affect the economies of nations” 

Alex JonesYou said this on the show four years ago, nobody else was saying it. Now they admit the COVID shots were 1000s of different combos, testing on people. Why are they dumping everything into this?

Dr Judy MikovitsBecause we grow them in the same cell line. Polio vaccines are grown in viro-monkey kidney cells. I made the E6 cell line, of the clone of Viro E6. Viro E6 was the clone that would support Ebola. So Ebola has been in your polio shots since 1994. And I can prove it I have the publication.

Alex JonesWhy are they doing this?

Dr Judy MikovitsBecause they are financially liable. “A disease able to affect the economies of Nations” was Hillary Johnson’s forward to our first book Plague, and she wrote it in 2014.

It’s very critical to understand! They’re doing it because they’re liable…

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