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A practical guide for laypeople in how to use homeopathy for first aid situations: acute mental and emotional traumas, coughs, colds and flus, sports injuries, travel ailments, and women’s health concerns. The book is organized in five parts: taking the remedies and frequently asked questions, how to use the repertory, a 31 page repertory prepared by this master homeopath, a guide to the remedies, and brief portraits of some well-known remedies. This is the go to book for reliable and effective acute homeopathic prescribing for the public.

About Dr. Luc DeSchepper

Luc De Schepper, MD, DI Hom., CHom., Lic.Ac.
Considered one of the foremost contemporary Homeopaths and renowned international lecturers and authors in Classical Homeopathy in the world. Dr. Luc continues to dedicate his time to global humanitarian efforts. He is known to his students throughout the world as a brilliant and inspiring lecturer, and to thousands of his patients as a gentle and compassionate healer.

this excerpt is from Dr. Luc’s website 

Homeopathic Remedy Argentum Nitricum

from “Dr. Luc’s book “People’s Repertory”

Argentum nitricum (silver nitrate)

Argentum nitricum is called the ”What if” remedy: the person is full of anticipation anxiety. He is anxious about an upcoming test, an interview, an audition, always anticipating the worst. These people are always hurrying, driven, excitable, hyper and in a state of worry, which easily leads to diarrhea and palpitations, to the point that they hate going to public places. Thus this remedy is greatly indicated for stage fright, examination funk, and fear of public speaking.

People who need Argentum nitricum typically have an intense craving for sweets, salt and chocolate. Silver nitrate is put in the eyes of every newborn (unfortunately not in homeopathic doses) to avoid the possibility of gonorrhea being transmitted from the mother. It is therefore also indicated in conjunc­tivitis with yellow/green discharge. Another indica­tion is colic in babies. It is the number one remedy for this common destroyer of the new mother’s sleep!

Homeopathic Remedy Apis Mellifica

from “Dr. Luc’s book “People’s Repertory”

Apis mellifica (honeybee, queen bee)

If you have been stung by a bee; then you know when to use this remedy: there is a stinging, burn­ing pain, a swelling locally, and a redness. When­ever -you see these symptoms anywhere in the body (throat or knee or other joints), Apis is indicated. The area of swelling is worse from cold (for ex­ample, worse from applying an ice pack) and feels better from warmth. The person desires open air and has no thirst.

Apis has many acute indications: hives (urticaria), especially after eating shellfish and strawberries; acute sore throat with the above characteristic symptoms; insect bites (it is the top remedy for-wasp and ant bites); PMS with water retention; and joint pains with stinging, burning pains and swelling

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