In this session…

In this session, we continue our introduction to the Principles of Homeopathy based on the lectures of internationally recognized “Depth Homeopath” Dr. David Lilley, MBChB, FFHom.

We will discuss the First Law of Homeopathy: “Like Cures Like”.

We will begin to introduce homeopathic remedy pictures from the plant, animal and mineral Kingdoms.

We will touch upon historical facts which reference the long-standing knowledge of the Law of Similars or “like cures like” recognized by historical figures in science and medicine.

We will introduce the “Doctrine of Signatures”, its importance as a being-level knowledge in the collective psyche of humanity, and share examples of its prevalence in nature and medicinal substances derived from nature.

We will begin to show the correlation between the “picture” of a simple substance in nature (i.e. plant, animal, mineral) and its correlation to the characteristics and symptoms of disease in a human being.

In this regard we will go over following homeopathic remedies: Allium Cepa (Red Onion), Arsenicum Album, Naja Tripudians (cobra snake venom), Coffea Cruda, Opium, Ipecac, Digitalus, Pulsatilla, and Silicia.

Recommended reading & class assignments

We recommend to familiarize yourself with the book “The People’s Repertory”, which is written by the renowned homeopath, Dr. Luc DeShepper.
— In part four of the book (A Guide to the Remedies), read about the healing properties of the remedies that we discuss in class.
— In part five of the book (Brief Portraits of Some Well known Remedies), read about Pulsatilla and Sepia

Watch on YT about homeopathic remedy, Opium in Dr. Larry Malerba’s Materia Medica Series #16 Opium

“Homeopathic Opium comes with zero safety concerns and its therapeutic values is priceless.”

Dr. Larry Malerba discusses the materia medica of the homeopathic remedy, Opium on his The All Things Homeopathy YT Channel. Opium is one of the main remedies for the treatment of the chronic effects of severe trauma.

The Healing Power of Homeopathy

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