In this session…

we introduce the teachings of Dr. David Lilley, the “Depth Homeopath”. We will listen to segments of Dr. Lilley’s audio lectures and discuss their importance and relevance for us today.

This session will be part of our audio series “Teachings of Dr. David Lilley” where we will begin to introduce the following concepts, which will be covered across several sessions.

The Basic Laws of Homeopathy
The History of Homeopathy
The Doctrine of Signatures
The Symbolism of the homeopathic remedies

In this session, Dr. Judy Mikovits talks about how we protect and repair our god given code and the importance of homeopathy other natural modalities. Dr. Judy is a scientist in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and a best selling author. Her heart and passion is botanical drug development and personalized nutritional therapeutic solutions.

The Healing Power of Homeopathy

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