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Introduction to Homeopathic Case-Taking

In this session, we will introduce case-taking for acute, limited conditions, and the Art of Case-Taking for chronic conditions with Master Homeopath Dr. Rajan Sankaran.

A major part of the class will focus on Dr. Sankaran’s presentation of his approach and methodology in Case-Taking, including the application of these to a real case dealing with a serious clinical issue.

The class will acquaint students with several concepts and guidelines in case-taking, a brief profile of Dr. Sankaran, and resources for acquiring homeopathic kits.

Explore Case-Taking

Dr. Luc DeSchepper

learn how to use “The People’s Repertory” by Dr. Luc DeSchepper for acute cases:
In part 2: “How to Use Repertory” section, go over three practical examples – we will briefly cover these in class.

Dr. Rajan Sankaran

learn the art of case taking in chronic cases:

The Potential of Homeopathy by Dr Rajan Sankaran Part 1
“The Potential of Homoeopathy” by Dr Rajan Sankaran part 2
“The Potential of Homoeopathy” by Dr Rajan Sankaran part 3

The Healing Power of Homeopathy

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