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Opening the Door to Homeopathy as a Natural Wellness Solution!

According to the World Health Organization, homeopathy is now the fastest growing and second most widely used system of medicine in the world.

Homeopathy is an over-200 year-old medical system that teaches us how to use the information stored in our minerals, plants, animals and other substances found on this planet to heal our acute and chronic layers of suffering.

Introducing online course “The Healing Power of Homeopathy”

Understanding the universal principles that govern the pathways to healing is paramount to our quest for health! Learn how homeopathy engages the healing powers of your mind and body with proven & effective homeopathic medicines.

This course will provide you with information and resources that will help answer questions you seek in various areas of your life in your quest for health.

The Healing Power of Homeopathy is a simple and effective online course to help you understand the universal principles of healing and guide you on how to use safe and effective homeopathic medicines for you and your family. This course is also for health professionals who want to add homeopathy to their healing modality of choice.

Is this course for me?

  • Are you someone who feels helpless when a health emergency hits you or your loved ones, feeling despair when you are in pain and nothing helps, or worry about what to do when the next flu season comes or worse another flu epidemic hits and even your doctor does not have a solution? 
  • Are you someone who wants to be in charge of your health and know what to do in an emergency health situation?
  •  Do you want to know information that will help you or make an intelligent decision in the face of any health crisis?
  • Are you a health care practitioner who is looking to offer a whole healthcare solution to your patients?

If you are one of the above people, then this course will greatly benefit you!

Inside this course you will find…

You will explore following topics:

  • Law of Similars and the universal principles of cure
  • Success of homeopathy in world pandemics
  • Knowing how to live right for your constitutional type
  • How to use simple homeopathic repertory to take a case
  • How to select remedies for acute conditions
  • How to take remedies 
  • What your homeopathic kit should include
  • and more… 

Homeopathy is both an art and a science. In this course we aim to bring you the essence of health and healing in a simple and memorable way. You will be able to learn about homeopathy from the best in the field. In addition, we will schedule Q&A sessions.

After taking this course you will…

  • Learn about the universal principles of cure
  • Be able to use a simple homeopathic repertory to take a case
  • Learn how to select a homeopathic remedy for acute conditions
  • Learn about constitutional types

Moreover, you will retain support and build connections in a community of like-minded people.

Do you know that…

Homeopathy proved its worth during the great 1918-19 Spanish flu pandemic, which killed an estimated 50 million around the world

Homeopathic hospitals had a mortality rate of only 3%, compared to 45% in the allopathic hospitals. Homeopathic doctors successfully challenged this most deadly epidemic in the history of humanity.

We will share several historical testimonials of American homeopathic doctors who had huge success treating Spanish Influenza of 1918-19 from the highly respected work of Julian Winston  “Faces of Homeopathy”, which compiles 200 years of homeopathic history.

Dr. T.A. McCann from Dayton, Ohio, reported that “…24,000 cases of flu were treated allopathically, with a mortality rate of 28.2%, while 26,000 cases of flu treated homeopathically had a mortality rate of only 1.05% “

“In a plant of 8,000 workers we had only one death. The patients were not drugged to death. Gelsemium was practically the only remedy used. We used no Aspirin and no vaccines” – Frank Wieland, M.D., Chicago, Illinois

“Three hundred and fifty cases and lost one, a neglected pneumonia that came to me after she had taken one hundred grains of Aspirin in twenty-four-hours.” – Cora Smith King, M.D., Washington, D.C.

“I treated 455 cases of influenza and 26 cases of pneumonia with no deaths. Remedies: Gelsemium, Bryonia, Apis, etc.” – T.G. Barnhill, M.D., Findlay, Ohio 

About my Journey

When I got my Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MA, CMHC) from a prestigious University in Cambridge, Mass, I felt that I did not have a real solution to help my clients. I was disillusioned with what psychology could offer. I was searching for an answer and one day I saw a flyer from a doctor who was soon to start a course in classical homeopathy. I did not know anything about homeopathy then, but one quote attracted me…

“Homeopathy is the latest and refined method of treating patients economically and nonviolently. Governments must encourage and patronise it in our country…

homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment, and it is beyond all doubt safer and more economical and the most complete medical science…” 

— Mahatma Gandhi

I greatly respected Mahatma Gandhi, and I decided to join the program on the spot. During my first homeopathy class I realized that I had found the “real psychology”. Homeopathy is a medical science that takes into account the totality of a person’s symptoms (mental, emotional and physical).  For two years I studied with Dr. Luc de Schepper, a medical doctor who devoted his life to teaching and advocating homeopathy.

Homeopathy became my best friend. I always carry a homeopathic kit with me and it has been vital for me and my loved ones in many situations. I use it as first aid, for pain of different kinds, before and after dental work, for emotional upsets, for colds and flus. It saved me and my family during Covid epidemic. 

The knowledge of homeopathy gave me power to be in charge of my health. I do not feel helpless in the face of another flu epidemic. I learned how to choose the correct homeopathic remedy based on the individualized symptoms. I have been witnessing the healing power of homeopathy for years and want to share this knowledge with you.   

I co-created this course to give you the power to be in charge of your health. You will learn how homeopathy works in different situations, how to choose the correct remedy for acute conditions, and how to take the remedy. I want homeopathy to become your friend like it has been mine for more than 25 years.

Join me on this incredible Journey!

Homeopathy changed my life and I know it can change yours, too. Join me on this fascinating journey as we explore together the Healing Power of Homeopathy!

Learn how to engage the healing powers of your body with proven & effective homeopathic medicines.

Course Location

Light Dove Ministries Education Center
Godspeak Cavalry Chapel  (upper floor)
The Village: 360 Via Las Brisas
Newbury Park CA 91320

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