RTI 4: Navy Vet Rebuilds Identity Amidst Life-Changing Injury

“Who am I without the uniform?”

-Zack Starr

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Athlete and Navy Vet Zack Starr has navigated through gravely dark waters on his way to finding himself and his purpose on a greater level.

Zack deeply relates to the multitudes of veterans who suffer with disabling mental, emotional and physical states, after service related injuries and trauma, as well as veterans and athletes whose careers have come to an end – whether abruptly or through retirement – and who must now find their meaning, their connection to the world… ultimately, their Identity, on a new level. 

Through his own journey, Zack is deeply moved by the plight of service members and has created the non-profit “VetConnect” for veterans who are disconnected and do not know where to turn for help.

Zack has chronicled his exceptional story in the feature documentary “The Epic Mile”. To find out more about Zack and see his film, visit 
https://www.zackstarr.com/ where you can request a film link.

“The Epic Mile” documentary

A Veteran’s 2,650 mile journey through the darkness.

After years of chronic pain and facing a 6th surgery for a Military service-ending injury, Zack Starr’s life was at a crossroads.  Determined to no longer allow his injury to define him, Zack sets off on an intense 2,650 mile solo hike along “The Everest of Hiking Trails” (The Pacific Crest Trail).

To request a film link visit https://www.zackstarr.com/

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