About Gabrielle Traub’s Book “Live Right For Your Remedy Type”

This book can help guide you on which foods to eat and which foods to avoid, what time of the day you’re most productive, and what exercises to do, all based on your specific homeopathic type. It can also be used to help you care for your loved ones when they’re sick and help parents anticipate what problems their children may run into and how to prevent them. 

While there are many constitutional types, this book focuses on twenty-one types that are common in practice. This book can help you create an optimal environment for you to thrive based on your unique constitution.

About Gabrielle Traub

Gabrielle Traub, M.Tech (Hom), CCH, HD (Hon) is a board certified classical homeopath and international best-selling author.

Gabrielle studied homeopathy at a university in South Africa, where research and methodology were a fundamental part of her training.

Her 6-year homeopathic medical degree included double blind clinical trials on anxiety and difficulty concentrating. She has worked in hospitals and rural clinics in South Africa.

After moving to California, she worked in an OB/GYN practice for a decade alongside a traditional OB-GYN and a fertility endocrinologist. She was part of a core treatment team in an in-patient treatment facility for eating disorders, PTSD, addictions and chronic pain. 

Gabrielle Traub has taught homeopathy in England, South Africa, Pakistan, Dubai, Australia and the USA. Gabrielle is the founder of World Homeopathy Awareness Week and former chair of the World Homeopathy Awareness Organization. She received an honorary doctorate for her contribution towards homeopathic research. 

Gabrielle now works in San Diego where she specializes in treating women and children. Gabrielle enjoys exercising, spending time in nature with her husband and son who has been raised on Homeopathy.

Below are excerpts from Gabrielle’s book

Homeopathy recognizes the uniqueness within each individual…

We live in a world where dietary recommendations are constantly changing, and it creates great confusion among patients and doctors alike. Diet and exercise have become like a religion, with different groups convinced that their way is the best way. We have lost our inner directive, looking outward rather than inward for advice on what is best for our bodies and our minds. Each of us is unique, and not every diet, exercise regime, or lifestyle modification is appropriate for everyone. 

One of the miracles on our planet is the diversity and variation of life. Each human being is made up of 70 trillion cells working synergistically to create a complex, functioning human being. 

My favorite part about being a homeopath is that I get to pay attention to the uniqueness within each individual. Every millionth of a second, our cells are regenerating, healing, repairing. The sheer beauty of this process is mind-blowing. I get to witness the homeopathic remedy gently assisting the body’s vital force, its innate ability to heal

Importance of Knowing your Constitutional Remedy type

There are so many advantages in knowing your constitutional remedy type. Your constitutional remedy can correct a chronic (long-standing) imbalance such as eczema or irritable bowel syndrome. It can strengthen your immune system and prevent susceptibility to infections, such as recurrent ear infections. It can improve mood, energy, sleep, and outlook on life. 

Homeopaths propose that by strengthening your constitution with homeopathy and through leading a healthy lifestyle, you may even be able to prevent the onset of chronic illnesses to which you are genetically predisposed. 

There are no cookie­ cutter homeopathic prescriptions …

One of the things I love most about homeopathy is that it acknowledges the uniqueness of each one of us. Just as every orchid species requires a specific ratio of minerals in order to burst into flower, each and every individual is completely unique.

There are no cookie­ cutter homeopathic prescriptions. Your homeopath isn’t just focused on your diagnosis of eczema, migraines, or urinary tract infections. Your homeopath is interested in how the imbalance in your body has affected all parts of you: physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Even after many years in practice, I still find it fascinating how two people’s immune systems will react differently to the same virus, drug, or stressful event. 

In search for your remedy …

Homeopaths are like detectives. They’re interested in all the details of your symptoms. If you have a cough, your homeopath is interested in all the qualities and intricacies of your cough.

  • Is your cough dry or accompanied by phlegm, deep or shallow?
  • What does your cough sound like?
  • Is it barking, hacking, deep, or shallow?
  • Is it worse in a warm room or in the open air?
  • Is your mood affected by your illness?
  • Are you anxious, sad, or irritable with the cough?
  • Is there any time of day, season, or circumstance that makes your cough better or worse?
  • Are you thirsty or not?
  • Do warm or cold drinks help or hinder your cough?

Your homeopath will take into account how your internal imbalance has created physical symptoms as well as changes in mood, food cravings, and response to environment and stress. Your physical symptoms, mental and emotional state, and predisposition to specific illnesses are equally important when determining your homeopathic prescription. 

This book is a culmination of knowledge of great minds and my experience …

Homeopathy has been around for over 250 years, and we have accumulated centuries’ worth of recorded data and observations. The information I have gathered in this book is a culmination of what I’ve learned from studying the writings of many great homeopaths, responding to the enquiring minds of hundreds of students, and treating thousands of patients in over 20 years of clinical practice. 

What I have observed is that simple lifestyle modifications can benefit each homeopathic constitutional type, improving their healing and quality of life. 

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