My idea of understanding a remedy is to grasp the connection that ties together its myriad symptoms: the basic delusion, its source (kingdom), the miasm to which it belongs, its symptoms – all must be understood as aspects of a single whole if we are to even begin to truly understand a remedy.

Dr. Rajan Sankaran

We recommend this insightful book by Master Homeopath Dr. Rajan Sankaran, which reveals the inner world of 100 remedies, and how they express in human states through symptomatology, psychological and clinical conditions.

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Dr. Sankaran talks about Silica during a live case session

In this talk Dr. Rajan Sankaran explains a case of a patient who received Silica during a live case discussion. It is interesting how he explains different aspects of a Silica personality from various texts and compares it to other remedies which come very close.

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