by Elena Alexandra originally posted on March 3, 2021

Jessy talks about the importance of ballet in education for athletes

Elena Alexandra sits down for a revealing interview with a Skateboard Pro, Jessy Jean Bart about his life journey & how he got to where he is today.

Below are the excerpts from this interview.

Elena: To be a skateboarder, you have to have pretty intense energy. Can you tell us a little bit about that drive and what it feels like to live on the edge and live that kind of livestyle when you do it as a pro.

Jessy: First of all you need to be focused. because if you are not focussed you are going to get hurt. So present and so focussed so I can reach the potentials that I don’t usually have. You get this incredible feeling of happiness because you did something incredible

Elena: its like you are able to express this force in a creative way. and that is really what all of us are trying to do. would you agree that is pretty painful not be able to do that?

Jessy: Oh yes! Growing up I was a kid that liked to keep to myself and I was one of the kids that just follow someone else. I had a lot of social anxiety, I was depressed especially when I could not do things that I love. Mainly it was in school that really brought me down because every time I went to school, I felt depressed, insecure. I remember having social anxiety a lot and that for me to feel that at such a young age it was scary…

in this revealing interview, Jessy Jean Bart talks about finding his way in a largely lost world and the factors that helped him “make it”, influencing his values and fueling his passion to educate young people in a way that empowers them to succeed in today’s world.

In this interview Jessy Jean Bart talks about his own struggles and discoveries that have inspired his drive to empower young people of today.

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